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Matthias Siller

Matthias Siller

Flying restrictions during April found me negotiating the French motorway system, en route to PWM’s European Investment Series Event in Zurich.
During refuelling stops – including one at a delightful roadside cafe set in rolling hills overlooking Auxerre – I chatted by mobile with fellow panellists.
On the back of a petrol receipt, I sketched the journeys, criss-crossing Europe’s financial heartlands, of fellow panellists including Barings’ Emea fund manager Matthias Siller, Deutsche’s ETF specialist Oliver Kin and PwC’s Russian-born consultant Dimitri Senik.
The pattern reminded me of the Monte Carlo simulations, evaluating derivatives and financial risk, so beloved of my lecturers at London Business School.
Rather than see travelling as a risk, the likes of Mr Siller turned a potential crisis into an opportunity. Instead of worrying about how to get back to London, Mr Siller met as many private banks as possible during his extended Swiss sojourn. Seldom are asset managers presented with such as captive audience.


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