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Posted August 17, 2011   |   yuri bender

China is used to foreign criticism. Lack of freedom of speech, the raw deal received by Tibetan monks and the grievances of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang have received much coverage in European and US media. Now the boot is on the other foot. With Western economies and share markets slumping and large parts of London, [...]

Posted April 26, 2010   |   yuri bender

Vontobel’s erudite, poker-faced asset management boss, Zeno Staub, addressed a rapt audience at PWM’s European Investment Series seminar in Zurich. He set a challenge for Switzerland’s wealth managers – reform your buisiness models or lose market share. Mr Staub talked about a wide-scale movement from discretionary to advisory models, re-assessing service needs and investing in [...]

Posted   |   yuri bender

Flying restrictions during April found me negotiating the French motorway system, en route to PWM’s European Investment Series Event in Zurich. During refuelling stops – including one at a delightful roadside cafe set in rolling hills overlooking Auxerre – I chatted by mobile with fellow panellists. On the back of a petrol receipt, I sketched [...]

Posted November 30, 2009   |   yuri bender

Much of PWM’s time is spent out and about on the rues and strasses of Continental Europe, so it can be a welcome change to attend a London lunch,  even if amidst the glass and concrete of Canary Wharf. Northern Trust has been hosting a select band of journalists in the ‘deep South’ of its post-industrial Docklands HQ for [...]

Posted August 7, 2009   |   yuri bender

So what’s going on at Goldman Sachs Asset Management? Where have those familiar, friendly faces all gone? The thing is, they never tell you. It’s meant to be a bit like MI5 – you are never supposed to leave. But some of the ex-agents turn up elsewhere eventually. I am delighted to hear that Alex [...]

Posted   |   yuri bender

In offloading its long-only business to Aberdeen Asset Management in return for shares in the company, Credit Suisse has a vested interest in a successful takeover and will need to reassure clients to stay where they are, writes Yuri Bender. Recent antics in the investment industry have included banks swapping capital markets chiefs for fund [...]

Posted July 27, 2009   |   yuri bender

  Asset managers don’t always think of the bigger picture when the end goal is simply to make money, but Gilles Glicenstein broke the mould, writes Yuri Bender.Gilles Glicenstein, the cerebral head of asset management at French bank BNP Paribas who died recently, was an inspirational character. The use of third-party funds within investment mandates [...]

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